Reception School – Grade RR & Grade R




Academic Programme

Currently  Selly Park Primary has one Gr. RR class and three Grade R classes. Mrs Sanders leads the Reception School and is assisted by Mrs Gomwe, Miss Diedericks and Miss Swanepoel.

1 (4)They follow the National Curriculum which takes on an outcomes-based approach with particular focus on the Curriculum Assessment Policy Statement.

Our education aims to encourage life-long learning and focuses on the results of learning.  The learning process is considered just as important as the content of the curriculum and the outcomes that are to be achieved at the end of the process are clearly laid out.

When planning the daily programme, teachers select relevant learning experiences.  They also decide on all support material to be used for learning and teaching.  The learning experiences are then assessed and the results used to plan inform future teaching and learning.

Specialist Teachers

The Reception School has Specialist Teachers to enhance various aspects of learning.
 These include :

  • Playball (Gross Motor and Ball Skills)
  • Coding and Robotics (Gr. R)
  • Religious Education
  • Swimming


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