Chairman Of The Board


chairman-of-the-boardI am honoured to serve as Chairperson of the Board of Governors. The Board is committed to maintaining and enhancing the ethos, educational standards, extra curricular activities and governance standards at the school.

Authority of The Board:

All executive powers of the school vest in a body known as the Board of Governors. The Board acts on behalf of the School in all matters affecting the conduct of its affairs, in furtherance of its objectives. The Board has the authority to do whatever is required to secure the financial viability and continued existence of the School.

Members of the Board are not entitled to any form of remuneration and any income derived is to be solely for the promotion of the School’s objectives.

Membership of the Board:

The Board comprises of at least seven persons and not more than fourteen persons, three of whom accept fiduciary responsibility for the School and who are not connected persons.


  • The Chairperson as appointed by the Catholic School’s Trust.
  • The representative of the Catholic School’s Trust.
  • The Principal of the School.
  • The Deputy Principal of the School.
  • Two parents elected by parents.
  • One educator elected by educators.
  • Two to five persons appointed by the Catholic School’s Trust.
  • Two persons co-opted by the Board because of their skill or expertise.
  • The patron of the School shall be appointed by the Superior General of the Sisters of Charity of St Paul the Apostle.

During the past years factors external to the school environment, both on the economic and political front, have impacted on all of us in many ways. Regardless of the trying times, Selly Park Primary School has continued to be recognised for excellence in the field of

Richard Pilkington