Message From The Principal


gwen-vickersSelly Park Convent Primary School strives to be a centre of excellence where we encourage each student to reach his or her full potential. Our school is characterised by its unique Catholic ethos that is evident in our religious practises, the way our students treat each other and a spirit of pastoral care that pervades the school. Our Catholic ethos remains the cornerstone of our school life and is celebrated with prayer, religious education lessons, assemblies with a Christian moral message and attendance at Senior Mass and Junior Liturgy.

While our Catholic ethos remains the cornerstone of our school life, we welcome children from all faiths and cultures believing that the presence of different faiths and cultures assists in building bridges of understanding between our students.

Our school aims to provide valuable experiences in order to stimulate the interest of students, as well as engage them in learning and personal development in a secure, safe and encouraging environment. Our staff strive to maintain and further develop educational standards and initiatives in subject areas that reflect current trends as well as best teaching and learning practices, and that cater for the individual needs of students. We recognise the importance of catering for the spiritual, pastoral, education, physical, social, emotional and cultural needs of the children who are entrusted to our care. The management team remains aware that we need to build upon the foundation laid down by the Sisters of Saint Paul who led the school for so many years.

In order to ensure that our school maintains a high academic standard we register our Grade 3, 6 and 7 students to write various benchmarking tests administered by the IEB. We also enrol all our students for the AMESA Maths Challenge.

We encourage regular communication between parents and the school to build understanding and trust, and to provide opportunities for parents to appreciate their children’s efforts.

It is imperative that we always bear in mind the words of the founder of the Sisters of Saint Paul, Genevieve Dupuis, “Do the best for the children”.

Mrs Louise Connellan